ECCTD 2017
European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design
Catania, September 4-6, 2017

ECCTD 2017 General Information

Bus info: here.

Program is now available: program at glance, and detailed program of technical sessions

The 23 European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design will be held in Catania 4-6 September 2017. The ECCTD 2017 is jointly organized by the Electric, Electronics and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Catania and by the Italian Society of Chaos and Complexity (SICC).

The conference consists of plenary lectures, regular, special and poster sessions focusing on recent trends and advances in circuit design, including but not limited to:



Mathematical and computational methods

Nanoscale devices & circuits

Neuromorphic & biomedical circuits

Control of complex networks

Signal processing applications

The program includes Special Sessions, aiming at complementing the regular program with emerging topics of interest to the circuit design community.

The conference will be followed by the 12th SICC International Tutorial Workshop "Topics in nonlinear dynamics" on the topic of Control of Complex Networks of Nonlinear Circuits and Systems, September 7-8, 2017. More info

The Call for Papers is available here